Encrypt PDF

Protect/secure PDF with a password

lock With this tool you can either totally encrypt or limit access to some features of the PDF-document, i.e. to forbid to print out the document.

Please select the PDF-document:

(Please pay attention to the maximal file size of 50 megabyte. Furthermore, if the file is big, i.e. 30-40 megabyte, the upload can last several minutes, in subject to your Internet-Connection bandwidth.)

You can secure the document on two possible ways:
  • option 1: you allow to open the document only after the correct password (so-called user-password) is entered.
  • option 2: you restrict what the recipient may do with the document, i.e. you allow him to view the document but not to print it or copy text/content to the clipboard.
A combination of both options is also possible; in that case, please enter both passwords - the user-password and the "document-administrator"-password.
An example: only the final recipient, who knows the user-password will be able to open an view the document; if you prohibit to print the file - he will be unable to print it out. But you, entering the "administrators"-password when opening the file, will still have the full control over the document an will be able i.e. to print it.

Option 1:
Please enter the user-password:
(At least 1 and maximum 20 characters)

Option 2:
What should be allowed to the final recipient to do with this document?

1. Print this document
2. Copy the text/content to the clipboard
3. Fill out forms (if there are any) in the document

Please enter the "document-administator"-password:
(At least 1 and maximum 20 characters)